♥Notebook Heaven♥

If you have seen my past posts, you can see that I am kind of a notebook freak… But I prefer to call it as if I collect notebooks! Yeah you can call it as if I am collecting them as it is my hobby, because I think of it that way! I am always looking where I can buy another notebook. I am always finding new notebooks that I really want. So here is my chance to share with the world, my weird passion of collecting notebooks! I hope you enjoy!
♥ I will always upload any websites that have cute notebooks.
♥ I will always try to upload pictures of my favorite notebooks.
Here is the place where I recommend places where you can buy notebooks. I will try to upload them as so as possible. YAY!!!
http://blueberrydamsel.ecrater.com/ – cute notebooks and pens at a good price.
♥ http://www.modes4u.com – very cute notebooks and stationary at a decent price.
http://www.cottoncandyfriends.com/island/index.php – a very cute store for notebooks and more. ♥one of my favorites♥
http://www.shopkawaii.com/default.asp – a very cute shop with every thing you need.
I am currently in LOVE with two notebook from Cotton Candy Friends. But you can see them in my June 28, 2011 post.  
I haven’t bought any notebooks yet but I will soon… They are from Cotton Candy Friends

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