♥Paper Craft♥

On this page I will upload some cute paper crafts that I find. I always try to make them my self! I hope you enjoy!
P.S. I will alway try to include the download link!
I found these paper craft that you can make through the Canimal World Facebook wall. I hope you enjoy! I love Oz the most! Which one is your favorite?
Canimal World - Fizzy Canimal World - Fizzy (complete) ← FIZZY (to download : http://www.voozclub.com/down/fizzy_print_img.jpg)
Canimal World - Nia Canimal World - Nia (Completed) ← NIA (to download : http://www.voozclub.com/down/nia_print_img.jpg)
Canimal World - Uly Canimal World - Uly (completed) ← ULY (to download : http://www.voozclub.com/down/uly_print_img.jpg)
Canimal World - Alto Canimal World - Alto (completed) ← ATO (to download : http://www.voozclub.com/down/ato_print_img.jpg)
Canimal World - Mimi Canimal World - Mimi (compeletd) ← MIMI (to download : http://www.voozclub.com/down/mimi_print_img.jpg)
Canimal World - Oz Canimal World - Oz (completed) ← OZ (to download : http://www.voozclub.com/down/oz_print_img.jpg)

—> UPDATE: hello there! I did attampt the making of the canimal “Oz” and it went as planned. But I needed a little more concentration than I hoped. I had been watching TV at the time and making Oz took me over an hour and a half. All I have to say is: Be prepaired!


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