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~New Pepsi Commercial~

15 Jul

If you are wondering what is that link to, well it is to one of my favorite commericals of all time. It is so funny. I know you probably saw it before but I would like you to just look at it again. I love how the little polar bears are in the jacuzzi. They are so cute. The link is from YouTube and I have it in my favorites! I also have another commercial in my favorites but I will share that another time… and that will probably be tomorrow… I don’t know but you have to wait to see!


~ Check out this image from 2cute ~

10 Jul


Ok. I have this app on my phone and it is called “2cute”. In the app you are allowed to download, rate and share pictures that are too cute. I found this too cute dog. But to have to see it! If you want, in the comment area, you can rate the picture of the dog. You have to rate it from 1 to 5 stars! Just as if you have the app on your phone or electronic! Yay!! You can always vote but I will make sure to update on the average number of stars that the picture gets!

~ :( ~

9 Jul

Hello. I know that most of my readers know that there is a contest going on… but wait if you don’t know, please scroll down and look at the post that says “I’m a little princess” in a different font. I am really sad because no one has entered yet. But remember you have until AUGUST 1, 2011. So enter before it’s too late!

♥l♥o♥v♥e♥ kawaii

~Nail Polish~

7 Jul

If you are like me, you are a girly girl. And one thing I like is *NAIL POLISH* Yes I said it! Well I get my nails painted almost every week. But don’t worry. My aunt owns a shop so I get it done for free. The only thing is that I rarely get a chance to do my own nails. So I decided to go out and buy one small bottle of nail polish. I wanted to do my own nails. Long story short I bought a nail polish from the brand “petites” and it is purple-ly and sparkle-ly. The number is #555 and it is called “craze” it is really pretty. I am just about to paint my nails. Wish me luck because when I do paint my nails, they get messed up a lot. If it is now my mistake by messing up the wet nail polish, I usually paint my finger by accident. 😉

♥l♥o♥v♥e♥ kawaii

~Sanrio x Dr. Martins~

7 Jul

Yeah. I am kind of board. Well not that much. I am trying to find something cute to blog about, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it… Well, I really like these pair of boots and I think they are really cute. The are called “Sanrio x Dr. Martins.” Well I was at a little store when I first saw them, but I looked at the price tag and they were $125! I don’t have that kind of money. I sadly let the boots stay in the display box and I walked away from them. But all that was back in May. I then saw them again on the hello kitty website, And this was weeks later form when I first saw them. Well I wanted them so badly that I was thinking of getting a loan from the bank so I could just buy the cute boots. What was making me want them so badly? Well, they are 50th anniversary boots that have all of the Sanrio characters on them. And there are two other designs if you don’t want all of the characters on the boot, if you are thinking of buying them. The other two boots are similar to eachother. The first one is white with a blue sole and it has a bow on the outer side of each boot on the ankle. And the other is black with a pink sole and it has a pink bow on the outer side of each boot on thw ankle.

I really would like to buy these boots but until then I will upload any pictures that I find.

♥l♥o♥v♥e♥ kawaii

* I will be uploading pictures of the boots soon! *

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