♥Little Kawaii Books♥

UPDATE: in the future I will upload some pictures of how to make a little kawaii book. But that is as soon as I get the 2 notebooks from http://www.cottoncandyfriends.com/
First you need some supplies:
~ a cute notebook → you can check some examples at the “cotton candy friends” post from June 28, 2011
~ a variety of writing tools → I prefer gel pens, markers, color pencils, crayons, but you can use anything you want 
~ a lot of cute stickers → I will be soon uploading some examples of the stickers that I have.
~ a few cute pictures of things you like → I would prefer to use pictures of your family, things you like, places you’ve been, ect.
~ a lot of glue sticks → I would reccomend getting about 5 or 6 glue sticks because they dry quick, you use them a lot, & they don’t wrinkle your pages.
NOTES → When you are picking out a cute notebook, I would like to give you some pointers. If you are artistic, you should buy a notebook with blank pages, meaning with no lines. If you are the writing type, you should buy a notebook with lines, that way you ccan write. If you are the graphing type, you should get a notebook with graphing paper. If you are undecided or are in between, you should get a notebook with all of those types of paper in them. When you are in between, I would reccomend getting a note book like the “Monopoly Smiley Mini Notebook – choose from 8 colors”. Then link for that notebook is http://www.cottoncandyfriends.com/island/index.php?route=product/product&path=51_69&product_id=687.
HOW TO BUY SUPPLIES → Remember, you should never pay way too much on any supplies. That is why I try to buy my supplies at a decent price so I try to set a budget on all of my supplies.
I would only pay $2.75 on a single pen at the most.
I would only pay $15.00 on a single notebook at the most.
I would only pay $3.50 on a single pack of stickers at the most.
I would only pay $9.00 on a single pen, color pencil, marker, crayon, ect. kit at the most.
♥ remember these figures are in United States Dollars! ♥
Once you have all of you supplies you need to start your very own little kawaii book. You will need a place to keep all of your supplies! I would reecomend a nice colored container from The Container Store (http://www.containerstore.com/). I found a cute set of containers in bright colors such as orange, pink, blue, and green. They are called Bright Stockholm Office Storage Boxes. The link to see them http://www.containerstore.com/shop?productId=10029980&N=&Ntt=pink.  But I also saw something else that caught my eye… I saw the Like-it® Modular Drawers. They are clear with a few drawers. The link is  http://www.containerstore.com/shop?productId=10027797&N=&Ntt=Like-it%EF%BF%BD+Modular+Drawers.
Well after you have all of your supplies, you need to start making your Little Kawaii Book. I would reccomend having all of your supplies

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